The 'Sunday Mellow Out'
at Subterrania' (Mar '02)

Here's another set of snaps taken at the twice-monthly do down Ladbroke Grove that is the 'Sunday Mellow-Out', put on as always the I.D. Spiral crew. This first one features a lovely bloke by the name of Brian in the middle of him reading some poetry he'd written (do check out a site he does called 'Party For Peace'), he later passed the mike around and got me to mention my site, resulting in me getting a few more e-mails than I usually do (if you're reading this, Mr Mindweed, feel free to introduce yourself to me next time I'm floating around taking snaps).

I must admit to not being all that hot
at doing action pics (I hesitate too
often for my own good), so I was quite
pleased at how well this snap of a
juggler-cum-acrobat came out below.

Mildly moody pic of a singer-songwriter bod in contemplative mood (he did a lovely cover of Johnny Nash's  'I Can See Clearly Now', and an even better one of an old R.E.M. song, 'You Are The Everything')....

....which led v.nicely into some fairly cutting observational standup provided as always, by a lady from the 'Ravelation GoGo Broadcasting' collective. She raised more than a few laughs and murmurs in unison of "Yeah, that's so true" around the place when she spoke about everyone in the building being "a f*** personified", while referring to the embarrassment some folks have about their parents still being sexually active at a certain age in life.
        It seemed that some of her friends rely v.heavily upon various euphemisms when speaking to their kids about sex (someone she knew had once told their children that "they were playing bouncy castles on the bed with daddy" whenever they stepped into the room during their lovemaking early in the morning - God knows what thoughts now rush into their heads when they see a real bouncy castle at a funfair as a result), as well as the pros & cons of being a mum who's partial to raving and getting E'd up from time to time, amongst other things.

Here's a guy from Italy by the name of Lomolo (hope the spelling's right) who's a Tottenham bod like myself (he too, like me, seems to live around where I do out of necessity, rather than choice) doing some juggling out on the dancefloor.

Drum and flute improvisation
going on below, while the
singer-songwriter bod gets a
few snaps for posterity.

Drumming yourself into a trance.


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