The 'Sunday Mellow Out'
at Subterrania' (Easter '02)

Here's what I think are my best set of snaps I've taken so far down at the 'Sunday Mellow Out', back on Easter Day. I'd barely gotten into the building and I'd not even broken out the Zenit from my bag, when a bespectacled bloke that I'd taken a pic of previously came up and said hello to me. It turned that it was 'Mr. Mindweed' (or plain Stephen to his mum), who'd kindly sent me an e-mail, as well as leaving a message in my site's guestbook too.
       He also introduced me to his fiance, who went by the name of 'Pootle' (seems she's obviously a fan of 'The Flumps', though I've forgotten what her mum calls her), who was busy sketching what she saw before her on a sheet of A3 paper and he gave me an invite to their pagan wedding up on Hampstead Heath on May 4th (apologies for not getting along, I hope you both had lovely ceremony). Anyway here's the first I got to snap that evening, and it features an indie-trance group mid-way through one of their songs....

....who were followed on the stage by a poet who seemed to have been influenced by the late Spike Milligan  (i.e. he was partial to spouting surreal, nonsensical, but humourous gibberish).   

Another moody pic of a singer-songwriter bod who went by the name of Rukiza Okera using the light available....  

....while this second pic was my first attempt at 'bouncing' light off the ceiling, by angling the flash and minimizing the shadow behind .

Here's the lady from the Ravelation GoGo Broadcasting collective once again (apologies for never asking you your name, I'm shy like that, I'm afraid), dressed in black & caught in mid-spiel passing comment on the demise of "the nation's favourite granny" - the Queen Mother, if you didn't know. Somehow, I can't see David or Jonathan Dimbleby asking her for an opinion or two on one of those jubilee programmes that's been doing the rounds of late on t.v. - let's just say that her forthcoming O.B.E.'s been conveniently lost in the post.

Oh dear. More evidence of the perils of focusing an SLR in poor light. Here's a bloke that I know named Francis who went to the same primary school I did (only some years earlier) in Dan'l Boone mode. Unfortunately, I couldn't see that part of the foxskin hat he was wearing had fallen in front of his face when I took the pic you see, and here's the result. Sorry!


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