Summoning up the ancient spirits.

One of the multitude of rhythms from
Africa (as provided by a guy who's part of a group of drummers from Ghana) was soon to be heard, resulting in a musical fusion of cultures that went down v.well inside the Suterrania. As suddenly as they'd started though, the performance ended, but not before they mentioned that the following Wednesday evening, they were to be found up on Hampstead Heath doing another performance and everybody was welcome to come along and take part too, if they were up for it.

I took these two 'B'-mode specials just after I'd bumped into a lady I know by the name of Sanja who takes the train I used to get to work, and then I discovered the perks of waking up even earlier than is humane for me to arrive on time at in the mornings (hello out there! Hope that the family holiday went well), who'd come along for the evening with her landlady and some friends of theirs. The second pic's a little bit trippy and hazy, but I like 'em like that sometimes.


These last two pics rounded things off for the evening (or so it seemed at the time). I saw the bloke featured twirling away, making quirky shapes on the stage and so I snapped what he was up to. Having been herded out of the venue, I was ready to make a move back to Tottenham, but Sanja invited me along to a rave going on somewhere off the Lea Valley Road, and if you want to see what I snapped, just click here.



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