Millenium Eve Party at
The Swanfleet Centre

A good friend of mine named Michelle invited me along to a New Year's Eve's party at the Swanfleet Centre, just off Tufnell Park, in N.London, and here's a few of the pics were taken that night. Having reached at the building along with an old friend of hers named Richard, we sat on the floor and tucked into some Indian food we queued for earlier on entering the building, while a bloke with a sitar and another with a tabla drum played some eastern-flavoured music in the background.
        A little later on, the music changed, as trancey-ravey rhythms filled the air, and the first picture of the night was taken by Richard of Michelle and I (he was going to use his own camera, but the battery had gone flat), me returning the compliment by snapping him with Michelle below.


Here's a lady I snapped getting into the music the d.j. was playing. I'd been to the Swanfleet a few times previously (most recently, at a winter solstice Celtic storytelling evening featuring a bloke in garb the dandy bloke off 'Changing Rooms' would have felt a little over-done), the last time on New Year's Eve was three years previously when Kangaroo Moon played there and during the interval, two little girls sang 'Spice Up Your Life' by the Spice Girls. Most of the people present were in their thirties and forties, but no less short of energy, judging from the dancing I saw.

Here's the next pic I snapped that evening, and it features a lady named Jo who sometimes comes into the South Library (where I work on Saturdays), having a dance as the evening's main attraction - Earthsong - turned it out on the stage. I didn't realise it at the time, but I'd seen them earlier in the year at the Save Our World festy in Brockwell Park (see the pics I took of them on stage - accompanied by little Elsie's mum - by clicking here). It turns out that Jo is an artist, and that some of her work is to be found at the Holly Blue On-line art gallery. To take a look at her paintings, just click here.

Here's a few pics of the various Earthsong members below, starting off with a bearded bloke playing a v.fancy-looking electric violin. The bloke below him played what looked like a ten-stringed ukelele, much heard on world music recording of songs from the Andes (does anyone know what it's called?), while the two blokes in the last of the three pics bashed out
on (near) matching drums below.



Here's the second-last pic that I took in the old century
(+ old millenium too), and it features two ladies who did the percussion chiming in the New Millenium proper with
what what looked like a pair of bronze bowls-cum-bells.


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