A bloke named Des who whizzes round London on an amazing pedal-powered contraption of his at the Critical Mass demos I sometimes reach at (wearing a v.snazzy embroidered jacket with lights on the back that evening, did he get the idea from that old Robert Redford film - 'The Electric Horseman' - I wonder?) was m.c. and duly got all of us to count down to 2001, while revellers held party poppers in the air and a bloke with a flute appeared to play in the third Millenium. As 2001 finally came in, poppers were popped, cheers filled the air and total strangers hugged and kissed one another (I was on the receiving end of more than a few of those from various ladies around me) before we all joined hands to sing 'Auld Lang Syne' (definitely not in the style of Sir Cliff Richard!).


With the year known as MMI at the end of t.v. credits now welcomed in, it was back to the music. Here's the two ladies on percussion who helped chime in the new year having a shake and a shimmy to some infectious rhythms below (I got a close-up of the lady in the purple sequinned top as she was shimmying a little more than her colleague).


I got this snap as Earthsong did their last tune, which required a little audience participation. Here's the bloke with the flute holding up a placard with a chant we were all expected to say as the chorus, while the ladies to my left in the final two pics did some freeform dancing (there was a lot of that about in the building, judging from some of the moves I saw!).



Richard and a friend of his named Paola (who came just after we did) headed off to some rave over in Islington, while Michelle and I stayed for a while before leaving the do and heading our separate ways. All in all, a v.nice way to see in a New Year, a New Century, and a New Millenium.

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