These next three pics were taken back at the Siam tent as a band from Senegal, known to all true Gooners as the place where midfield maestro Patrick Viera originally came from, even though he plays his inernational football for France ("...he comes from Senegal/and plays for Ars-en-al/Vi-er-a, wo-o-o-oh!" as the song sung on the Highbury terraces goes). The scans aren't blinding, but the music heard on the stage was.

I'm not sure what the instrument below was the guy that you see was playing, but it sure was coming out with some wondrous melodies, it has to be said.

Another pic of the band's vocalist. 
Not a great scan, if I'm honest.

I took this next photo right down at the front of the main open-air stage, and it features a singer-songwriter who'd come all the way from Hawaii to perform doing a tune he'd written as a love song for his girlfriend (ahhh!).

Walking back to our tents, Dawn and I came across some capoeira dancers. Here they are putting in the moves on a Friday afternoon.

I took this next snap as I was about to head off to do a spot of shopping outside the campsite. The sun was starting to set, so I thought I'd get a pic of it and the tractor lane. As I was about to head off, a lady named Valerie (how's it down in Tufnell Park?) with two young boys in tow came up to me and complimented me on the T-shirt I had on (a faded old Echobelly one I'd gotten years ago at a concert they'd done down at Dingwalls, in Camden).
        "You don't see many of those worn these days," she said with a strong French accent. It turned out that she used to work with Glenn (Echbelly's guitarist) some years ago on a magazine and still kept in contact with him from time to time. As she and her boys walked off, I got the sunset you see below.

Two snaps taken of the big Ferris wheel that was part of the funfair in the open field. As I whizzed past, there on a a small stage were Seize The Day performing 'With My Hammer'. I'd have loved to have stayed a little longer, but I had things to pick up outside, so off I went.


Having gotten back from the shop, I dropped off the bits for Dawn with Kasia and then headed off to the Whirl-Y-Gig spot to see what they had on for the evening. The place was rammed, and I found Marcia (hello!) from Italy who I introduced to Dawn and Kasia when she bumped into us the previous night, at the entrance doing some stewarding work. Once inside, I took in the surroundings and enjoyed the sounds coming from a band by the name of Digital Bled. Here they are going at it below...  



 ....and here's the audience enjoying what they heard. Valerie came up and told me that some bloke from the Midlands had just been voted out of the 'Big Brother' house. I'd come down to WOMAD to escape all of that stuff, dear!  


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