When the folks who were Digital Bled were done, it was time for Dreadzone to do their thing. I got this pic as they came on stage...

 ....while the bod in the pic 

below took the acclaim.

Earl 16, the 'Zone's resident vocalist, 
crooning away in his own unique style.

Dreadzone take the great emcee Rakim's 
advice and get to "move the crowd" in 
the only way that they know best.

Mildly trippy pics of blissed out revellers
enjoying the 'Zone's onstage labours.


Playing with fire in his eyes,
it's the guitarist from the 'Zone....

 ....while Earl 16 and the bassist 

get all rootsy and stuff.

Me enjoying the sounds coming behind...

....and here's the couple who 
took the pic of me (hello!).

Stepping out into the open air having enjoyed Dreadzone's sterling set, I found the fairground well illuminated in the night. Here's what I saw and snapped right where I was standing....

 ....while a little further, I spotted this antique

Victorian merry-go-round, still going strong.


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