Post 'Mellow-Out'
Rave Bonfire Pics

Having gone along to the 'Sunday Mellow- Out' in Ladroke Grove earlier on the evening, I was about to make moves back to Tottenham, but a lady I know by the name of Sanja invited me along to a late night Easter rave somewhere off the Lea Bridge Road (I bought my OTV video, which I still have, way too long ago in that area), having been offered a lift to the spot whereit was by a bloke named Nick (hello to you there, how's the producing ofyour plays coming along?).
        After a long(ish) midnight drive, we finally found an old warehouse where they were playing all the stuff your average raver checks for during a night out.I was happy enough just drink me a Heineken and have the occasional shimmy on the dancefloor, but Sanja told me about a bonfire outside the main building. "You might get some photos for your homepage, Lawrence," she said. Stepping out and into the surprisingly mild yard, I saw the bonfire and found the mood mellow, friendly and warm (hearty hellos go out to Miko from Japan - how's it going with the snapping? The unknown punk lady who handed Sanja, Nick and I a great big iced bun, and not forgetting the bespectacled girl with ginger hair who sat near us wearing her pyjamas and slippers. Hmm, yes!), hence, I was able to snap with impunity. I'll not bother with a running commentary for this section, so just have a peek at the pics below and make up your own mind & come to your own conclusions about them. Enjoy!









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