Brighton Peace
Festival '02

It was via Dawn that I heard about the peace festival in Brighton, held down on the promenade by the sea (she told me that she was going to be singing). I went down straight after work and found her in a busy mood (but when you've got a mini-tornado like little Jasper to look after, who wouldn't be?). The next day (after a quick bath, and despite a painful knee I'd mysteriously gotten), I whizzed down to the promenade on 'Red Nev' to ready myself for some pic taking. This is the first snap I got that day, of a curious sculpture to be found down on the beach. In the distance, you can see Brighton's two famous piers (one of which has been partially reclaimed by the sea since then).    

Blood money on old rope. I'd spent a sizeable part of the previous evening attaching countless 100 dollar bills and 50 pound notes that Julie - Dawn's lodger - had cobbled together onto a rope (all photocopies, unless she blagged some dated money from a kindly bank), that were to feature as part of an anti-war piece that Julie was to do that morning.

A statue I found atop a plinth that commemorated those who'd died during the first World War....

....and here's Julie (from behind), as snapped by me during the performance that she'd come up with, along with some others you'll see below dressed up as soldiers, trudging towards the memorial in front of her.  

Here's the drummer bod, beating a solemn rhythm
for the soldiers to march along to that morning.

Blood money in the grass.

Subway army, standing to attention....

....and here's Julie again, bloodied
money & old rope still in her hands.

Soldiers on parade, down on the promenade.

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