"Peace belles", snapped near another memorial statue. The masks that they're wearing were made from various eviction notices that the performers had been served by numerous authorities over the years when they'd been in various squats in & around Brighton (recycling put to good use!).

Julie strikes a pose....

....while in the distance, the drummer just
kept on beating out his solemn rhythm. 

The angelic statue around which
the perfomance concluded.

As the performance had ended a little sooner than planned (they had competition from a local samba troupe who were alongside), I ambled around, taking in what was on view. I found this sign giving notice to what was on offer within  the Brighton Peace Forum tent nearby  

Here's a statement that's all too true (it's a pity that far too many in power are fatally blinded by their humongous & frighteningly fragile egos to either notice, or take to heart, for that matter), that I noticed outside the Peace Forum tent....

....as a mum & daughter kept it in the
family, having a bash on the drums inside.

Kung-fu fighters going through their paces....

....and going for the burn (rather them, than me!).

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