Brockwell Park Free Festival (May 6th,'00)

I got myself down to Brixton after work and took a bus to Brockwell Park where loads of revellers had gathered for a free festival following a rally earlier on in the day. This was the first pic I took as I enjoyed the sights and sounds that surrounded me, and it's of some African drummers. Note the array of different drums for them to play on.


 As is always the case with festys like this one, there were numerous stalls set up with various things to attract those with cash to spend. Walking around, I spotted a queue of people waiting to have their hands (or whatever) painted with henna by the Asian lady below. Note the cowbells behind her (most kids who walked past with their parents just couldn't resist giving them a rattle!).


 Along with the stalls, there were various tents blasting out whatever music that took people's fancy, be it live or by a sound system. I got this pic as I poked my head in a tent where there was some speed garage playing. As you'd expect, there were plenty of posers sporting Versace and Armani around me (or anything with a pricy label!). Feeling a little scruffy in their presence, I moved on.


 Walking around the park, I met a lady who's a regular at the South Library called Rosie (hello if you're reading this!) who'd brought her kids along, though when I saw her, she only had her oldest son Cillian with her (he cheekily asked me if he could have the Cartman badge on the lapel of my denim jacket!). Traipsing around, I got this pic of the festivities as they happened right in front of me from a distance.


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