Moody pic of a lone raver in the Access All Areas tent. I should have used a flash on this one.

 For those caught playing the wallflower, the rave police were hand to make swift arrests.

Stepping out from the A.A.A. tent, as by magic, a crowd had appeared. The vast majority of them had been on the march that began from Kennington Park in S.London through to and along Brixton, where a"softly, softly" approach towards cannabis was being pioneered, though cynics have seen it - with perhaps some justification - as a ploy by the police to draw out and recognise users & dealers alike in order to pursue & prosecute them in the near future, as well as the concerns of local people that their neighbourhoods would become a magnet for undesirable elements from all over London & the south-east. "If they want to do the 'softly-softly' thing, then why don't the authorities try out their experiment in Hampstead?" said a Brixton resident I saw on the local t.v. news at the time, who it has to be said has a v.strong point, when you check it (somehow, that's like Geri Halliwell making a decent record - most unlikely!).  Indeed, during the day, their was a considerably higher than usual amount of dealers selling their wares in the park in full view of the cops on patrol in the area (far too scared of starting off a riot if they nicked the wrong person to nick, I guess), something I found funny, looking back.
       Anyway, cycling about I found a group on a tiny stage flinging out the Latin vibes, and making music to make a certified wallflower like myself feel like having a shimmy. Just then, a guy on a mountain bike named Nick (how did your pics come out, then?) came up to me with a fancy camera around his neck with more features than I'm sure he could ever hope to use, asking me for a spare reel of film. Not that either were of much use to him at the time, as his camera was jammed for some reason (one of the reasons I like using the Zenit is its comparative mechanical simplicity, whereas if a battery or the motor goes on a camera like his, then you're well & truly shagged). Having a rummage in my bag, I pulled out a spare reel I had, and he cycled off, saying that he'd give a reel back once he got his camera sorted.

Lady vocalists getting into the swing of things.
Who needs Ricky Martin?

  More fancy fiddling on the small stage....

....while the mysterious individual known only as 'The Lothario' (you'll know him, if you've been to my site before and checked out some snaps I took down in Kilburn last year) was doing his Elvis moves nearby. It came out a little too washed out for my liking, due to me putting the Zenit on the wrong setting, so I've scanned it a little darker.  

 Bohemian-looking bod beats out addictive rhythms to compliment the equally melodies and vocals coming off the stage that afternoon.... his colleague was doing that swirly,
flamenco thing on his guitar....

. ...while later on at the main stage, a bloke named Rodger did his singer-songwriter thing, without a trace of a cod-American accent (you'll find that's something of a minor miracle, from personal experience of folk clubs I've been to in the past).


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