Notting Hill Carnival '00

Unlike the previous year, I found myself more on the move at Carnival 2000. My day out began when I visited a friend at their flat off Kensington High Street. With that done, I then walked to Notting Hill (knowing how crammed the tubes get on the Carnival weekend/Bank Holiday, it seemed the sensible thing to do). Here's the first pic I took, having reached where the festivities were taking place and it features two kids who'd gotten into the spirit of things and were dressed as Sylvester the cat and Tweetypie.

I got this one further along the procession, when I saw a videoscreen ahead of me relaying images of some African dancers on a stage somewhere nearby. I should have taken a pic closer up, but it's what I took at the time, plus I feel that it's a nice enough snap anyway.

Here's a couple snaps I got of a guitarist giving his skillls the ultimate test and busking down at the Carnival. Judging from the amount of change he'd amassed and his appreciative audience nearby,
he wasn't too bad at it, I'd say.


I got this one at what appeared to be a fork in the road, and saw a young girl talking to a purple-haired lady, having just had some thread weaved into her hair. I like how their stillness and relaxed manner contrasts with the bustle/movment
of the crowd behind them

Having asked directions for a spot I wanted to reach at, I promptly found the street that I had to go down. Here's a snap of it below, plus the throng of folks through which I'd have to pass.

While walking down the crowded street in the previous pic, I came across a Rastafarian drummer who was more than happy to have me take a snap of him in action, as you can see. Blinding rhythms!

Having somehow made my way through the narrow, but v.busy side street, I found myself on an even more crowded main road where the one of the kids'
parades was taking place (Sunday is traditionally the children's day at the Carnival) Here below is a snap I got, having jostled my way to the front.


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