Here's a bloke from the Nation Of Islam selling papers. His sombre, sullen manner was in total contrast to the joviality carrying on all around. He seemed a little suspicious of me when I asked if I could snap him for the site (he probably thought I was a spy for the media, I guess), so I bought a copy of his publication to sweeten him up a little.

This next pic would have been perfect, but for the bloke in the frame. I saw a line of mounted police officers and at the exact moment I pressed the shutter, he walked right into view. Like the bear from darkest Peru they call Paddington, I gave the man a hard stare and gave me a grovelling apology in return (and so he should have done - the prat!).

Still annoyed at not getting the pic I'd hoped for,  I took a snap of two of the officers with their horses instead as a consolation of sorts.

Walking further along, I found myself on another fairly crowded high street in the area. Standing at a junction, I saw two ladies who'd obviously gone out of their way to dress up for the day having a late summer shimmy, and squirting anyone who came into range with their water pistol.

Standing behind me was a bloke and his little daughter, perched on the mountain bike they'd obviously cycled to the carnival on.

I took this next pic after having queued for an extremely long time in an ultra-posey winebar, just to use the toilet. Another lady who'd obviously decided to dress up for the day (she must have been chatting to her friends on where they were to meet).

I took the next two pics just as it started to rain on the parade. The first one features three revellers still managing to have a laugh, despite having to huddle together under a tiddly umbrella. The next pic was taken as the rain started to come down a little too hard for my liking. I was just about head off for some shelter, when I was given a bandana thrown from the steelband float in the the pic by an effervescent young woman from Northern Ireland. I didn't have a clue how you put one of these things on your head, so she tied it for me. Thanking her for doing so, she introduced herself to me as Emma ("Emms" to her friends. For some reason only she knew, she kept calling me "Lou". Hmm!).



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