I got the next two pics while chatting to "Emms". Both feature drummers and performers I'd seen before at the Save Our World fest and the Big Green Gathering. Despite the miserable weather, everyone was determined to enjoy themselves. Feeling frivolous, "Emms" bought me a can of Red Stripe, and I returned the compliment to her.


Most festy picture sites try to capture carnival parades from the front. Me, I have a knack of photographing the rear of them.

Bacchanal in the rain (click on the pic to get
a larger view of the golden girls).

More revellers on parade. The soca was blasting, and "Emms" and I were doing the "bumps" (are all women from Northern Ireland that energetic, I wonder?). I took a breather from winding my waist to get the two pics that are on view below.


Another of my hand-over-my-head-pics, click on it to see the revellers close up.

These last two pics I took that overcast Sunday evening, before "Emms" and I said our goodbyes to one another sum up for me what carnival's all about, meeting up with and making friends, having a laugh, and letting go any inhibitions for the day.
        It's a pity that not everyone who was down in Notting Hill over the two days had the same mindset, judging from the headlines in the papers I read sadly the following Tuesday. Idiots like those captured on police film that I saw on the t.v. news give bigoted, reactionary types (hello Anne Widdicombe! Need a light?) all the ammunition they need to prevent this annual event from occuring. All too often the media only picks up on the carnival when something negative occurs (I'm certain that a similar number of arrests are made at Glastonbury, Reading or some over festivals, but these things are never dwelt upon, are they?).



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