Chalton Street
Festival '00

I'd originally planned to go to a picnic held in Clissold Park after work one Saturday evening in July, but the same lady who came into the junior section of the South Library who asked if I was going to the Big Green Gathering told me about a street fest near Euston Station. Having got to Chalton Street (where the festy was being held), I took this first pic of these four bloke turning out some traditional Irish folk tunes.

Here's some local kids looking on as an artist did a charcoal portrait of one of their friends (she's the girl with the beige scarf on her shoulder).

There was a jazz big band on stage afterwards (featuring a bloke who curiously enough, was once one of Esther Rantzen's little helpers on 'That's Life', playing the trumpet), but I could hear some drum and bass playing down the road, plus some classic roots reggae too, so I strode off in the direction of the sounds to see a couple of guys taking turns on the mike and bellowing "Rewind, selector!" when the opportunity came about to do so if a tune came on that everyone knew (which was quite often).  

Here's some locals enjoying the lyrics being flung.

Here's a geezer (he was previously on the mike giving off backing vocals to Pharaoh Monche's rap floorshaker 'Simon Says, "Get The F*** Up!"')  who obviously likes to strut his stuff and doesn't care who knows it!


Having fun on a warm, grey summer evening.