'The Den Of Enlightenment'
Pre-launch Party (7/4/01)

I found myself at the pre-launch party for 'The Den Of Enlightment', held at the Imperial Gardens down in Camberwell, S.London, having found out about it via one of many e-mails I regularly recieve from  Parallel YOUniversity. Despite an annoyingly long wait for a bus round the corner from where I live (public transport in Tottenham has to be experienced to be believed!), the trip to the venue was an easy one to do. Once there, I found myself waiting to get in,  though I killed the time talking to a young man who told me about a friend of his who e'd (or tripped, as the case may well have been) out of his head, spoke to everyone who came his way in fluent hamster (hmm!).
        Once it was time to enter, I got frisked by the security at the door (the sole female bouncer tried to blag the crisps in my bag!) and walked I around, taking in the surroundings. Here's the first pic I took, and it features two blokes singing in French and English a mildly decadent sort of song.


Enjoying the busker's performance while sat on the sofa were John Crow (pagan shamanic poet bod) and two lady friends
of his who later on took part in a mystical play of sorts.

Here's a lady with an accordian who sang a song on
the joys of shoplifting (is she a Jane's Addiction fan,
I wonder?), as well as another that took a sly pop
at suburbanites and other Middle England types for
their empty smugness and all-round conformity (there
goes her appearance at a New Labour benefit do in the
near future), a pretty bold thing to do as most of the
people present were probably from that sort of
background to start off with anyway.

This next pic features one of John Crow's lady friends showing us some preparatory exercises for tantric sex, the ultimate aim of said exercises is to strengthen your p.c.g. muscules (found in your pubic region, she said), thus prolonging pleasure and delaying ejaculation (male or female). I saw quite a few blokes  taking part enthusiastically nearby to where I stood, giving their p.c.g.'s a squeeze in time with their breathing.

The lady with the accordian comes back for more.

Here's John Crow singing a song on his guitar, helped along by one of the decadent busker blokes who'd performed earlier. He obviously puts a lot of energy into his performances, having gone blue in the face from all his effort, as you can see.


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