Here's the tantric sex lady taking a break from showing us all how to exercise our p.c.g. muscles and instead, was having a bit of a semi-supine shimmy while John Crow and friends were performing nearby. The words spoken were deep, and the atmosphere decadent, but that's how it is at events like these.

Another of my "hand over my head" pics for you to gawp at, this one taken on the main dancefloor blasting out trance
for those present to put in the exercise.

The next two pics feature John Crow on the mic, indulging in some poetical shamanism. At a party I found myself at a place down in Borough, S.London called 'Green Angels' a few weeks earlier, he recited a poem that you see him doing, which drew the repeated response from a stocky American bloke nearby of "Whoo! Yeah! F*** me up the ass!" Somehow, I don't think Pam Ayres has ever gotten that reaction to her work (but then again, maybe she has, and she prefers to keep quiet about it).
        In the second pic, hazy as it is,  J.C. does look a little like that bod from the mega-reclusive UK rap group (and unlikely mobile phone salesmen) the Stereo M.C.'s.


As well as rave and poetry, political/social discussion
was to be found at the D.O.E. too. Here's a snap of a bloke named Dave Oshana, taken as he was involved in what he liked to call a "Total Freedom Dialogue" with a member of the public on any issue that they chose to discuss. He wasn't too pleased that I took a snap of him in full flow (probably thought I was on Jack Straw's payroll, I guess). If I was telepathic, I'd have projected the reason I'd taken his pic
into his subconscious, but I'm not, so a shrug of the shoulders from yours truly had to suffice at that moment.

Rounding things off for now, here's a pic featuring the landlady of a colleague of mine temping for the moment at  the Lewis Carroll and Mildmay libraries named Theo, caught having a early morning dance, as the d.j. started playing some choice rare groove (James Brown, Parliament, various 70's/80's floor fillers and a classic Barry White song shamelessly sampled by Robbie Williams to bolster that 'Rock D.J.' ditty of his - you'll recognise it from the intro alone). Her name's Lynne and I actually spoke to her in a music tent at the Big Green Gathering, down in Wiltshire the previous summer while waiting for a band to come onto the stage. She's a bit of a funky granny, as you can see (though you can't see it from the scan, the couple at the bottom right of the snap are both sharing a polo mint between each other). I've been told that the 'Den Of Enlightenment' occurs fornightly, but for further details, check out the 'Parallel YOUniversity' homepage, if you want to know more.


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