Festival Of The Disposessed,

I found out about this party at an disused lido deep in Hackney while I was at the July Critical Mass when I was given a flyer. Here's what it looked like:


It wasn't too hard to find, and once I got there, I paid my £3 admission fee and this was one of the first sights that greeted me.



I walked down a set of steps leading into the lido and got a close up of the main banner. As I walked about, I got this pic of a RTS display.


Stepping out of the lido, I walked around the lido's edge and spotted a couple I know called Jairo (pronounced "Hi-ro") and Nicoela, with a friend of theirs from Oxford called Sam performing down at the deep end of the lido. Here's a pic I took of them about to play (being introduced by the comperess at the top of the pic).


Walking round, I heard loud music coming from one of the tiny rooms that used to be a changing cubicle. I took a peek behind the curtain and found The Tea & Biscuit Sound System turning it out there. I asked the d.j. (who looked like Chris Evans - only with a ring through his nose and with better musical tastes) if I could take a snap. Here's what I got.

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