Fonthill Road Carnival
Hackney Culture Festival

I was coming home from work on my birthday late in September (no, I won't tell you how old I turned!), and was about to hoist my bike up the stars leading to my front door, when a heard a samba beat rumbling in the distance. I cycled down the road, and this was the sight I first came across.


Apart from the clothes shops and factories that take up its latter half, Fonthill Road's no different from any other street in Islington, North London on a grey September evening. But today, it was filled with carnival colour and spectacle. This pic I got of a bloke in a butterfly suit sums it up perfectly.


By now, something of a parade had gotten underway, with kids, their parents and outlandishly decorated floats processing slowly along the road.


I got this one of two red devils soaking up and revelling the atmosphere
(I hope they're not Man U. fans!) all around as their float passed me.


 Bringing up the rear (and making plenty of noise to show for it!) was a local samba street band, accompanied by some very fit looking ladies wearing headresses, bikinis and not that much, I have to say.


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