The next day, I found myself in Hackney, East London at the annual Culture Festival, held around the town hall. As I got there, there was a kids' parade taking place and I got these two pics to start off with (I'm a little disappointed at how they turned out, but I've included them all the same).



This pic's a lot better, and I feel captures the vibe of the mini-parade. Playing in the background of the ongoing events was the summer anthem of '98, 'Who Let The Dogs Out? (Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof-Woof!)'


Walking around, I came across some drawings done in charcoal and chalk by a local artist. It must have very annoying for her as a lot of people nearby just didn't bother to look where they walked, and promptly trod over her work. Despite that, I liked her stuff.


Here's the lady who did the drawings above, painting children's faces.


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