Global Rights Festival, Hackney Marshes

 This was an all-day festival that occured on the 19th of July in a field in deepest Hackney. I picked up a friend of mine who'd come down from Brighton for the day from Victoria coach station with her baby son. We reached the 'Marshes a little later than we'd planned (at around 4pm.), but still managed to enjoy ourselves all the same. Here's some pics I took that day.

This the front page of the official programme for the festival (bought for a small donation).

This is the rear of the programme, with a map of where everything's located in the field.

This is Dawn and Jasper relaxing in the field, while in the background, plenty of revelers are dancing to some full-on techno.

 Here's Dawn again (this time, giving Jasper a hug).

Here's Dawn at a stall buying a shirt from the lady in the midriff T-shirt.

I saw two outlandishly dressed hippy girls walking towards us and asked if I could take a pic of them for the site. They said no, but they said I could snap their feet as "....we've been told by quite a few people that they look cool and cosmic" (their words, not mine). The first two pics are of the girl wearing a purple velvet tie-dye dress, wearing wrist bangles a-plenty, bindi on her forehead and her hair reddened with henna. Anyone know what the tattoo on her right ankle is or signifies?

This next pic is of her friend. She was from South Africa, but was dressed like a traditional Indian dancer (bangles, bindi on her forehead like her friend, nosering and of course, a turquoise-green sari). She was doing a Indian dancer's starting pose (knees bent, hands and arms positioned Shiva-style), but wouldn't let me photograph her full-length - silly really. I felt a prat taking the photos!


I got the next two pics as Dawn, Jasper and I moved to find a quiet spot to sit down away from the noisy sound system. There was a clothes and jewellery stall nearby, and they did henna painting on the side. I got this first pic (notice how she has a book of patterns nearby as a reference to guide her).


 Here's what she was painting close-up. While Dawn was feeding Jasper, I went off and watched a lady performing on a stage nearby. She seemed intent on freaking out those with queasy stomachs by sticking sharp implements down her throat (such as a cut-throat razor as seen below).


Not content with doing that, she then went and stapled a £10 note to her



She obviously likes to have her money where she can see it, as you may have noticed! She then stuck a sword down her throat, and not content with that, set fire to to the scabbard.





I don't know for you, but I prefer doner kebabs myself. For her grand finale, she took a plastic beaker full of live maggots and swallowed them whole (no way was I snapping that!), and with that, I wandered back to where Dawn was. By now, it was starting to get late, so as we were heading off, I got these last two pics (pity the light was poor for the first one).



We had a bit of a mad dash back to the coach station, but we just made it in time.

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