More 'Hubble Bubble'
Pics (Apr '01)

Here's some more pics I took at 'Hubble Bubble' back in April, starting off with a couple of snaps I got of a daring young lady on the flying trapeze.


You can't have Middle Eastern music playing over the speakers and not have a bellydancer in the area, so when one of three of them who were performing that night turns up shaking what
she's got, I caught her at it below.



She certainly knows how to do it, I must say.


When the jelly-hipped wonders of Highbury had finished performing, it was time for the 'Hubble Bubble' house band (who go by the name of Oojami) to take to the stage. I got the next pic purely by chance (I still like it, though), and it shows an audience member showing their appreciation for the music coming from the stage.

This last pic for now features the violinist and one of the drummers from Oojami doing what they do best on the stage. For more details of future events
by the Hubble Bubble crew, just click here to go their homepage.


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