"Hubble Bubble
In Highbury"

How ironic for me that when I was preparing to move from my old neighborhood, I found out that there was a v.nice club not too far from my workplace that occurs on the second Sunday of each month, putting on music and dance with a slant that was distinctly Middle Eastern to it called 'Hubble Bubble'.
        Here's a few pics I took at the December '00 do, when I went along there with my good friend Michelle, starting off with three mildly trippy snaps I got using delayed exposure of a lady with a sitar and a bloke on tablas who accompanied the d.j. for the evening (Transglobal Underground's Nelson Dilation).



Here's a lady who, according to Michelle, is a bellydancing teacher. I got these two quick
snaps of her putting in the moves.


As well as bellydancing ladies (and one or two blokes who shamelessly did pseudo-Ricky Martin moves on the dancefloor) there were a couple of women acrobats who performed  for our entertainment. Here's the first of them
below, just hanging around like that.

Here's two pics I got of the second lady who was to be found (literally) swinging from the ceiling, being all daring and stuff on the flying trapeze. For someone as tiny as she was, she seemed incredibly strong, yet v.flexible (as I guess you need to be).


I got this last snap before heading back to Tottenham before it got too late of a lady who I'm told, is one of the regular dancers each month (she certainly knew how swivel and dip her hips).


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