Islington International Street Festival

This happened on Upper St, Islington, North London back in June '98. I was working that day, so I missed when the weather was lovely and sunny! By the time I'd finished work, the weather changed for the worst, hence all the pics you'll see here were taken when it was bucketing down. I enjoyed myself all the same though. Here's the pics.

Here we see locals dancing away on the corner of Cross St.

and Upper St. The pub to the left had their stereo on full-blast

and was playing old disco classics.

I got this pic while standing in the rain watching a Nigerian

zouk/hi-life band play (believe it or not, I had four people

standing under my umbrella as I took it).

Here's the audience. They weren't letting the rain

stop them from enjoying themselves.


Shouldn't he be in France right now giving expert analysis to Jim Rosenthal? The kid obviously has taste though (up the Gooners!).

Gurning in the rain.


Some people didn't care how hard the rain came down, they

were determined to party (particularly the bloke in the

centre of the first pic - total nutter!).


I noticed another bloke in a chunky sweater doing some jazzy moves in the rain and got the first two pics of him above. He noticed me, and I got the two below when he really starts to let rip!


When the band stopped playing, having done their set, I was going towards the second stage when I came across four ladies in blue with musical instruments. I asked if I could take their pic and they happily obliged.

Just another rainy Saturday evening in Islington!

Having reached the second stage, I got this pic of the band

playing there. How would describe the music? Ethnic,

rootsy, cosmopolitan reggae would do, I guess.

The crowd enjoyed themselves too. Sadly I only caught the last

two songs they'd done, and the festival was drawing to a close.

I look forward to next year though. Hopefully

the weather should be a lot better!

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