Here's the crowd, showing their appreciation and singing

along with the best known songs of Billy's.


Looking behind me, I saw a red-haired lady with an infectious smile

who looked like Mavis Crewitt off 'Willo The Wisp', playing

with some kids nearby. Here's a snap of her and the kids.


Things on the main stage took a mildly comic turn when a skimpily-dressed lady who'd obviously drunk too much, somehow scaled the perimeter fence, clambered onto the stage and began to bogle in front of a visibly embarrassed Billy and his 'blokes'. A security person tried to drag her off the stage, but Billy persuaded them to let her stay, and she spent the next two songs winding her waist (along with a few other things that got laughs aplenty from the crowd!). Here's a pic of the lady herself and Billy.


Here's Jay (or "Mavis Crewitt", whom she reminded me of, to begin with) who you saw earlier playing with the kids. She was incredibly friendly, and happliy posed for me when I asked her.


Rounding things off, I took my last pic of the festy of some local teenagers (one of them recognised me from the Lewis Carroll library, and asked for a snap. Can you guess who? Yes browsers, it's the one trying to look cool, and failing miserably!), before going to unlock my bike and heading off to a specially-erected wooden beer tent that blasted out disco classics and big beat aplenty for those inside to dance to (which I certainly did!). While I was there, I got to meet Lucy Mathen, who used to present 'Newsround' with John Craven when I was a kid. All in all, a very enjoyable day. I look forward to the festival in 2000!


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