Kingston Green Fair '03

Another year, another set of pics from the Green Fair, set as always, down Kingston way. It took me a little longer than usual to get to Waterloo station from Liverpool St. ('Red Nev' had mysteriously developed wonky steering along the way), but once there, the train ride was uneventful and the bike ride to where the event was held a doddle (I turned right on the canal, as opposed to left, which got me a tongue-lashing from Dawn the previous year).
          Anyway, here's the first snap I got that day, and it features a person dressed up as a panda collecting for the WWF (not the wrestling bunch!)....

....while all around, you could see a typical festy 
scene with loads going on that afternoon....

....such as a little girl getting her face painted
below, while others did the communal thing on the
papier mache sculpture that you can see below....


....and lastly, a stall selling leprechaun hats (hence
the jolly character on the background canvas)....

....with the lady whose stall it was, snapped at a
rare lull (it was pretty busy where she was located).

Back at the main stage, a collective by the name
of Beyond The Beat were to be found getting their
own rhythm going. Here two of them below
having a bash (the guy in the fancy shirt
looked like he was most definitely feeling it)....

....while their lady colleagues looked on....

....and a lady who was something of an authority on "pipe-cleaning" (a bloke I spoke to down in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington at a football table one evening will know what I mean!) did her bit to make the floor smoulder just a little bit that afternoon.

Just behind me, there was a dad with his kids
enjoying the music coming from the stage.... well as two lads with their faces painted.


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