Dreadlocked singer bod does his vocal thing....

....as the crowd below did their dancing thing.

Meanwhile, over in another corner of the park,
the droning sound of didgeridoos could be
heard. Here's a bloke having a crack at it....

....while the piper girl (whom I snapped the
previous year - seen your pic yet?) joined in.

Walking around, I bumped into Mushroom (hello!) and a lovely lady by the name of Angel (how's the driving lessons going, then?) with a roving reporter holding a camcorder named Nick (gotten any good scoops lately?) following in tow. I got this pic of Angel's precocious young daughter named Sunshine, sitting in the park with their three-legged dog called Pixie. 

Here's a guy I've known since the days I used to pop down at the Rainbow Centre named Tiago, snapped here strumming on Angel's guitar. Rory from the original Invisible Band (accept no fake imitators!) turned up, selling copies of his latest prog opus. As he'd always been on hand to sort my p.c. out in the past when it had gone funny on me, I didn't mind shelling out for one of them that day.

Not the greatest pic I've taken of The Spacegoats turning it out if I'm honest, but the music coming from the tiny tent was up to the usual standard.

In an even tinier tent, I snapped some young
metallers indulging in some moshing. Here's
a pic I got of them in action with the Zenit...

....and one taken with the compact Olympus.

In a v.colourful tent nearby, there was a trio doing what can only be described as freeform prog jazz. I took the snap of the three of them improvising....

....and one of the bassist laying down lines below.


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