Doing some inspired improv, here's the drummer.

Alongside the canal bank, those in need of a tenner put their cycling skills to the test trying to ride a
bmx with modified steering in a straight line.
Given the hassle 'Red Nev' gave me on the way
to Waterloo, the tenner would have been as good
as mine if I'd stepped up, but I got this pic instead.

Back at the main stage, a band known for getting
festy crowds in a dancing frenzy by the name of
Tarantism had taken to the stage. Here's a
(literally!) cheeky pic to kick things off...

....followed by one I got of one of
the crowd showing his motion.... the guitarist did the dexterous stuff....

....the vocalist on penny-whistle duty (is it me, but
doesn't she look like Mo Mowlam in the photo?)....

....and lastly, a bloke on a bodhran rapping
out celtic rhythms while two girls provided
dancing accompaniment on the stage.

Here's a lady I met a month later down at Stonehenge (I think her name's Esther - hello!), enjoying herself (who wasn't that afternoon!)
as Tarantism played away that evening.... 

....and here I am, snapped by a geezer whose
father took F1 pics for a living (is he telling
porkies, I wonder?), having a dance.

Esther again, doing the square-dance with
a guy giving a piggyback to his daughter

Having witnessed the mighty Tarantism blazing in the park, I spotted a bloke I'd snapped at a MayDay spectacular back in 2001 playing the trombone
while looking after a clothes stall. As luck had it

that evening, some old mates he had
were to
show up right at that moment.


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