Kilburn Festival '01

Here the best of the pics I took at a festival I went with a friend of mine from Brighton named Dawn, her son Jasper and their au-pair from Poland named Kasia that was deep in the heart of Kilburn, North-West London, in the middle of July.
        Having taken the 'Tube from Victoria, two buses and had a semi-long walk to the park where the festy was to be found (me giving Jasper a piggy back ride along the way), we all finally sat down and enjoyed the music of a local Irish folk band on the stage ahead of us. Just then, a jovial bloke who looked like the 'King of the Jesters' (if such a thing exists) walked by, and here he is below, doing his jesterly thing.

Here's two snaps I got of the next band that took to the main stage, but the first that managed to snap that day, a Scottish group called Shooglenifty. Before they came on, the compere for the day and the d.j. from the Afro-Celt Sound System teamed to do a little musical improvisation of sorts.


I saw some ladies and little kid doing a 'ring-o-roses' to my right near the stage. Here's a couple snaps of them getting well and truly into it.


It was drizzling down a little with rain when I got this next pic, prompting the bearded bloke with the skeletal fiddle to ask, "What is about bands from Scotland and wet weather?" (a sly Travis reference, I wonder?).
        The rain had unfortunately scuttled the chances (his best, if he's honest with himself) of Tim Henman from breaking the v.long duck of British mens tennis players of finally reaching the final at Wimbledon earlier in the day (better luck next time, Tim!). That  didn't stop folks from enjoying themselves though, as you can see below.


This next bloke featuring in this obviously learnt all he knows from the mighty Welsh warbler, Tom Jones. Here we see him strutting his stuff.You can see his wife in the background, keeping a watchful eye on him should he decide to get a little naughty with his moves.


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