Here's another band with the helpful knack of turning it out at festies, Zion Train. This first snap features them giving the theme from the 'X-Files' the rootsy, dubsy treatment and all their song were v.well received by the crowd present, as were some local girls invited onto the stage by the compere to give a rendition of Sunshine Brown's 'Heard It All Before' (one of my favourite songs of 2001).

Zion Train's vocalist. There's plenty of power in her petite frame, judging from when I heard her sing.

Sharing an in-joke on the stage.

Evoking the spirit of the late, great Augustus Pablo, here's the 'Train's other vocalist (nice kente shirt!) blowing out the righteous melodies vibes via his melodica.

Skanking and jumping about on the stage.

Following Zion Train's sterling turn, it was time for the main attraction of the day - Ms. Natacha Atlas - to take to the stage in her best Middle Eastern nightclub singer's outfit. As she did so, numerous ladies wearing bellydancing costumes appeared from nowhere, swivelling their jellied hips and doing a strange noise involving covering their top lip with their hand (it's a bellydancing thing, y'know).

Mr.Lothario-Geezer and a lady friend of his
enjoy a spot of dirty(ish) dancing as Jasper
does his best 'Willo-The-Wisp' impression
(Dawn let Kasia take a break for a while and
I kept an eye on him for a bit).

I took these last two pics with Jasper sat atop my shoulders. "You're good if you can do that," was what someone said to me as I managed to get down the front balancing the little tyke while holding onto my camera simultaneously. "Yeah, I must be," was my modest reply.Natacha was joined on the stage by JC 001 (who once upon a time took Daddy Freddy's crown as the "world's fastest rapper"), who left fly some quickfire lyrics on the mic before things drew to an inevitable close.
        The journey back to Victoria took a little longer than planned, as countless pop kids sporting glittery Madonna stetsons where returning home from Hyde Park, having borne unfortunate witness to the likes of Steps, Hear'Say (still remember them?) Geri "I try to be inconspicuous, honest!" Halliwell and other sorts too awful to mention at the 'Party In The Park', holding up the traffic in the process. I wasn't to see the three of them again until the end of the month when I went to WOMAD. A lovely little day out despite the rain, here's to more of it next year.



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