This pic was taken while walking around some of the market stalls. I saw some people chanting and dancing in front of the tent in the distance (in case you're wondering, no, I didn't join in. The pic would've been shaky otherwise).


Here's a threesome turning out what could be best described as krishna folk-rock (catchy tag, eh?). Plenty of people around them were getting into it,
I have to say.


This one's of the crowd listening to the music (and playing along with it, in the case of the lady with the recorder in the background). I wanted to get a close-up of her as she looked really cool and hippy-dippy with her crimped hair and beads, swaying cross-legged to the music as she played on her recorder (hope no-one's offended by that remark!), but the zoom lens on my camera only goes a certain length, so here's a close-up scan of her (with the bespectacled bloke in the foreground).



This was the last pic I got before heading off home, and I think it sums up the festival quite nicely.

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