Here's some jolly pogoers I snapped enjoying the music (I noticed a punk lady whom I'd snapped a couple of weeks previously at the 'Save Our World' festy by the name of Jenny). Despite the gloomy skies, they were moshing like pros!

I took these two snaps of various band members going at it. Pity they had their eyes closed as I clicked (I really hate when that happens, y'know!).



Here's Maff the puppy, taking a breather from all the stroking she got that day (and still no getting any rest, judging from the hand in the pic). Round about then, a Scottish lady I know called Elizabeth who I used to buy the occasional issue of the 'Big Issue' from when she stood outside the Post Office on Holloway Road walked by. I intoduced her to Sam and Fraggle and we found ourselves talking about various things.


By now, the festivities were drawing to a close, and we were all going to go our separate ways. But before we did, I got the pic below of Sam, Maff and Fraggle. With that done, we all walked off and I found a stall selling badges (one of those that I got has on it what for many is the definitive image of the Mayday RTS do - Sir Winston Churchill's statue with a green mohican. That one takes pride of place on a blue velvet jacket of mine, I can tell you). Having bought a badge or six, it was time to head back to Tottenham, where I found my bike with a flat tyre (aarrrgggh!).


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