'The Multidimensional
Galactic Activation'

I had an interesting time finding the location of this event, which I heard about while at the 'Sunday Mellow-Out' the previous weekend. After much phone ringing and cycling around the London Bridge/Borough area, I finally found the building the event was housed in (an empty, but cavernous office space with halls aplenty about to be renovated).
        While looking about inside, a bloke by the name of Baz introduced himself to me and proceeded to show me around the place, much to my bemusement. As he headed off to another room, I saw four blokes carrying out some pagan blessing, the bloke on the right read out a long speech of sorts while being flanked by three hooded blokes taking a break from being extras off that 'Lord Of The Rings' film (I was later to see the bloke who was swinging his incense about doing something a little different later on in the evening).
        As well as taking in the surroundings, I bumped into a few folks who always seem to be regulars at dos like this (hellos go out to Cormac, Sanja who gets on the train I take nearly every day to get to Lewis Carroll Library, and Peter Phoenix too, along with anyone else I know by face, but not always by name), but that's how it goes at the things I find myself at on some evenings/late nights.

The top floor had various musicians doing
their bit to make the evening flow nicely
along. Here's a band turning out some
dub-tinged folk for the late night.

I took this next pic in the healing space,
and found myself talking to a great bear of
a bloke from Iceland I'd spoken to previously
down at Green Angels (for some reason only
he knew, he kept calling me "Leroy" - hmm!).
Does look v.tranquil, don't you think?

Two snaps I took with my Zenit on
'B'-setting of some dancefloor
kinetics going on below.


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