Open Mike
Night at
St. George's

I got this set of St. George's snaps one hot Friday evening having done my good deed of the day and picked up a old friend named Dawn and her son Jasper from Euston station (somewhere along the way, we bumped into a lady friend with whom I've spent some lovely moments during the summer - if only you'd let me in, instead of sending me mixed messages - let go of those fears always holding you back....please!), we wandered over to the church when it was open mike night.
        Here's the first few snaps I took that evening, of a
diamond (not in the bling-bling sense!) bod named Kevin who had a fine line in cosmic, metaphysical poetry. This pic has him in the background, as a geezer sporting tye-dye gave voice to the unique lyrics inside his head....

....and then Kevin came to the
foreground and conquered below.

He must have stared into the TARDIS's time vortex
(or perhaps I just had my little digital camera on
delayed exposure for good effect, more like)...

....back to normal (no need to regenerate!).

Following on from 'Cosmic Kevin', the bod known as Assi Rose (a.k.a. Kesha) took to the stage and sang peaceful ditties. Dawn
and I found we had a Buddhafield reunion when the lovely Ms. Lina (hello!) turned up (she first met us both at said festy when
she heard me laughing - not too difficult to do, if you've ever
have! - in the Small World Tent during a set by Martha Tilston)
and she danced with me to what perhaps is his signature tune - 'Off To India' (bye-bye Ma!). Hope you like the pic, Assi!

Clarinet bod showing inspired
improvisional skills.

A lovely lady by the name of Ashera showed
off her prowess in sound harmonics below.
For a fullerexplanation of what I'm
on about, click her pic.


....before Ms. Angel came and did her bit. Believe it
or not, this was only the second time I'd ever seen
her perform in public before.


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