'Make Love, Not War Night'
at St. George's

It'd been a while since I'd been at St.George's. So when I got
an e-mail about their (then) latest all-night party, I made my
way down to Tufnell Park to see what went on.

The scene was set for a lovely lady named
Shauna - a.k.a. M.C. Angel - to come with lyrics.
Here she is, going off on her journey into sound.

Getting all kinetic on the stage....

....and rhyming away with bongo accompaniment.

Hazy backdrop.

 UK hip-hop was v.well represented that night.
Here's a posse
of emcees giving a display
of microphone fitness below.

 M.C. on fire. Don't take them tips
from Denzil too much to heart!

Rounding things off, here's two pics of abod named Assi
Rose - a.k.a. Kesha - thatI got before stepping back to
Tottenham. Hope you liked the pics. If you did,
then you'll know what to do below.


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