'A Mudfest on Brockwell Park'

I must admit to being a little hopeful that I wasn't going to get soaked by the rain the evening I went to the Cannabis Rally in Brockwell Park in Brixton (brought forward to June, as by a strangely funny irony, the park had been waterlogged in May), but when the train I took to Herne Hill from King's Cross got there in the midst of a serious downpour, my hopes of a (moderately) dry late Saturday were well and truly dashed. The rain was teeming down, and all I had was a tiny umbrella to shield me from the worst of the Saturday storm.
        Pedalling along to the park, I got an idea of what was to come when I saw a fat bloke walking around totally starkers in the rain, while everyone else took cover nearby. Here's the first pic I took, which sums up basically what conditions were like that even (definitely not the sort of weather to be out and about wearing sandals, as I was to find out the hard way!)

Despite the none too summery weather, there were still those determined to enjoy themselves, like the colourfully dressed lady dancing in the snap below.

Those bereft of an umbrella took shelter wherever
they could find it, as the group of friends beneath
the makeshift tent below would testify.

Here's the largest tent that was to be found that evening, and it featured numerous bands performing while various activists gave speeches of various length calling for the eventual decriminalisation of cannabis to take place.
        Somehow, I just can't see that occurring just yet with the government we have at the moment, so obsessed at it is with keeping up its high poll rating in the suburbs of 'Middle England' (strange really, given that most of the people who'd come to the festy probably were from said region anyway to begin with, when you check it).

I got this next pic alongside a small stage where a band were playing some v.punky reggae nearby, and it features a stoned-looking dummy. I just can't see kids round my way standing outside any local supermarket calling out "penny for the guy" with that (unless someone's on look out for the cops, just in case).

Punky reggae band turning it out, while we all
danced in the mud. I bumped into two people I
know shortly afterwards, Richard and Marcia
(whom I met at the 'Save Our World' do the
previous summer in the same park).


Semi-repeat of a pic I took last year of kids on swings.


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