'The Festy with No Name'

I didn't find out about the 'Festy with No Name' (so-called because I never did get to find out what it was actually named) that took place down on London Fields in Hackney, back in May '01 until when I was cycling back to Tottenham along the Balls Pond Road. A lady who sometimes comes to the South Library with her kids named Rosie saw me and told me that she'd been there earlier.
        It didn't take too long to get there, and having chained up 'Young Shorty' (my 1970 Moulton 'MkIII'), I went around exploring the area, getting these two pics of various kids (small and also grown-up) having a ride on a rickshaw parked nearby.


As is always the case at festies like this, there were
more than a few stalls selling various wares. This
one had numerous hemp patches on display.

I got the next two snaps in what was the dub
tent, unsurprisingly rammed out with folks
enjoying the righteous roots booming from
the gi-normous speakers down the front, and
having a good old-fashioned skank on a Saturday.


Exiting from the tent, I noticed a bloke who could have v.easily passed for the son of Timothy Claypole off 'Rentaghost', judging from how he was dressed, indulging in some juggling.


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