Here's some of the kids in the field enjoying the antics of the jester, who was soon to be seen juggling on a unicycle (while dodging toddlers who got a little too close to the wheel for his liking!).


Leaving the jester doing his stuff, I came across two ladies massaging tired revellers (one did Indian head massage, the shaven-headed lady got busy on her clients' back and shoulders).
        I got spotted by a woman named Nikki who I met the previous week at a rave down on Tyssen Street, Hackney. As well as selling twirly balls from India (plus various other things at the stall she and her husband sold together) which were v.popular with local kids, she was a nurse and was on hand to give first aid to any revellers unfortunate enough to get into difficulties.


I got these last two pics as a samba band I snapped at the Mayday demo earlier in the month made an appearance on the 'Fields.They had numerous colourful characters follwing them (like the two in the bottom pic) through the 'Fields, and along the passageway leading to Mare Street.
        Following the musical cavalcade on Mare Street (none too easy when you've got two young lads hitching a ride on the back of 'Young Shorty'!), I found myself outside the 'Samuel Pepys', where the festivities carried on with a hint of poignancy as the building was soon to be bulldozed along with the Hackney Empire next door (as part of its ongoing renovation).When it's re-opened, I do hope that it's not yet another yuppie theme pub to add to the infestation of them in London at present (I always find them full of people who seem to resemble extras off 'This Life' or 'Attachments', with suitably posy jobs to match and in the background, trip-hop music or worse still, Starsailor - aargh! - plays on the stereo). All in all, an evening well spent.



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