'Rejuvenation Night'
at St. George's

Another set of pics taken down St. George's church on the Tufnell Park Road. I was in major need of rejuvenation myself that weekend, due to me badly spraining my ankle, rushing to get a train to work two days previously. Iwas on painkillers and was using a walking stick (special thanks to the bloke who'd rejoined  the library only three days before, and v.kindly lent me his old waliking stick to hobble about with).
            This first pic was taken while walking about
with a lovely lady named Helen who'd rang me whilst I was in bed earlier in the day, bad ankle resting on a pillow, watching Dick and Dom, as well as that curious new version of Captain Scarlet (it seems that the Mysterons are the new Al-Qaeda, only they don't do double-o's). Despite the agony, I got myself ready and cycled to the church (walking stick strapped to 'Red Nev') that evening to meet up. We came across a curious discussion taking place that featured 13 moon calendars, mysticism and activism - all par for the course, I guess.

Meanwhile, on a far-flung notice board, a poetical bod
by the name of Paradox had posted a note for
partial to traversing the 4th dimension with like-minded
souls. Helen and I bumped into Lina, who'd heard me laughing
down at Buddhafield the previous summer with Dawn (how's
 them studies going?) and Claire, an old friend of hers
she met while backpacking abroad inb New Zealand.

While Lina and Claire caught up on
old times, I took some snaps of a
little jam taking place nearby.

This middle one's my favourite pic I took that
night, as it captures the energy of the place
that was to be found all around the building....

....whereas this one's clearer, but not so vibey
(would that get me points on Scrabble, Helen?).

Stepping back with Lina and Claire, another musical
happening was to be found taking place in the main
hall.Here the first couple of pics I took.


A most curious instrument! Cool sound came off
it, though. V. middle-eastern sounding, it was.

Rounding things off, Kesha and friends sang a song about heading off to India (who knows, I may well go there one day, if I can). I'd loved to have stayed longer, but tiredness and my aching ankle had me heading back to Tottenham. No way was going to cycle
all the,way, so I sneaked myself and 'Red Nev' on the tube back
to where I live. Hope you liked the pics.


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