Another pic of Ayesha doing some singing.... Duncan's sister on guitar, doing vocals too.

The lady with the spartan cello turns it out, with the drummer behind. As I stepped onto the edge of the stage to get a snap, a Spanish girl who was with her mohicaned boyfriend grabbed my jacket sleeve and I was forced to leap over the speakers nearby and right into the heart of the moshing zone behind me (an amazingly good-humoured maelstrom of flailing arms and bodies constantly clattering into one another).
            When I (somehow!) finally got away from my temporary abductor, the oriental girl with the Inuit boots who (v.bravely!) was still sitting near the stage nearly had me fall on her, when an over enthusiastic mosher bumped into me from behind as I was just about to get a snap. We both laughed as I apologised to her and I made a point of watching my back for the rest of the performance.   

Ayesha, twanging solo....

....or in tandem with the cellist....

....while Duncan's sis broke out the clarinet.... the cellist did her "girl power thing"
(no Spice Girls connections intended).

Another two pics of Ayesha having
a go at this vocal performance lark.... 

....during which, she certainly gave it some, I must say (here's what occurs when 'riot grrls' grow up!).


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