Return To The Source
(October 7th '00)

I had a v.enjoyable evening at a Return To The Source rave down at the Academy, Brixton (I used to go to the occasional one that happened when they were held down at 'The Rocket' on Holloway Road in Islington before they got too large for that venue) back in July (I didn't take any pics as there wasn't any film in my camera). I did have some in the camera  the evening I went early in October, and here's my pick of the pics I took, starting with a hazy shot from the balcony of a raver with glowsticks
whose reflective clothing gave him the appearance of a cyborg (v. 'Bladerunner'!).   

Silhouettes on the main dancefloor, putting in the exercise to some full-on trance from the stage.

Here's some of them closer up. I took most of the pics that evening with a slightly longer exposure
to give them a dreamlike, trippy feel.

Striding and swaying head and shoulders above the massed ravers was a stilted impette who blew bubbles and imparted happy vibes to all who came her way. Seeing yours truly with camera in hand, she v. kindly let me get these two lovelies.


The bubbles she blew obviously did the trick, as smiles became infectious where I stood.


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