Even the security blokes couldn't help but have a sneaky shimmy on the side (my man here thought no-one would see him in all the dry ice - wrong!).

It's the stilted impette again, and we see her
putting the moves in on the Academy dancefloor. Meanwhile, her partner turned up fresh
from a spot of hellraising in Hades.


Walking up the stairs to one of the smaller rooms, I came across a lady doing some twirling and got
this lovely for you to peek at.

My last pic before heading back to North London features the cyborg dancer again. He moved his arms about so vigourously, it looked like he had wings. The next time I go to a RTTS rave, I hope to take some more pics put up on the site for you to peek at (in the meantime, check out their site
to find out when the next one takes place).


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