I walked around looking for something interesting to snap, and then I came across two ladies doing some hair braiding. When I asked them for permission to snap them at work, they replied, "What do we get in return from you then?" "Well, um, I do a bit of reflexology, but I'm a little out of practice", I said. "Oh, do you! I've been on me feet all day, so you can have a practice on me then", said the girl with the blue top. "You can have a practice on me too", said her colleague wearing a black top. "I've heard it's v.relaxing". Here's the pics I got of the ladies at work before I got a little bit of practice in (v.demanding they were too, I have to say!).


I got this next pic back at the pedal-powered main stage and features a bloke doing some amazing things with a pair of tablas. Just before I took it, I bumped into a bloke I knew from the old Rainbow centre called Sam. I'd not spoken to him for nearly four years (the last time I did was down Wandsworth way on the Guiness site that for a short while was an eco-village). He spotted me first, sitting where he was with a friend of his he first knew on the Wandsworth site named Fraggle, and we soon found ourselves reminiscing over past events. We spotted a lady by the name of Minty in the area (she took a pic of me sitting in a sofa reading 'Wild Seed' by Octavia E. Butler down the Guiness site that's probably languishing in someone's album somewhere). I asked her if the music on the stage was to her liking. "Nah, mate", she snorted, "They ain't playing any rootsy dub 'ere". She skulked off, looking for the music she liked to connect with.

As the power on the stage was supplied by modified bikes with generators, enthusiastic pedal merchants were needed throughout the day to keep things ticking over smoothly. The bloke in the next pic fitted the bill perfectly. Here he is doing 'Pepe' Winder impressions on the bike he's on (ask your local BMX buff for more details of who I'm talking about, if you're a little confused).

While Sam and Fraggle headed off to a big black tent to check out what was going there, I stayed behind and enjoyed the entertainment on the main stage. This would have been a top pic if I'd come in a little closer and not relied on my camera's auto zoom facility. If I'd have done so, it wouldn't have turned out as hazy like it did. As it turned out, it looked as if he had the 'Honey Monster' playing the drums on his lap, doing a duet with him.

The next two pics show some chant and response going on from the band on stage. The lady holding the mic was one of the organisers of the day's events and got everybody to take part, until the call and response became some ancient mantra of sorts. In the second pic, the sun's haze actually benefits the pic, making it look a little dreamy, I feel.


Here's one of my favourite pics that I've taken this year. Strange as it was to see an original, old-school punk (her name's Jenny, and I bumped into her at the 'Mad Pride' fest a few weeks later) at what some would say was a totally hippy-dippy fest, here she was collecting for Save Our World 2001. I got this candid snap of her as she took a breather from carrying her bucket all around the park, ciggie in hand. While some old punks get sensible haircuts and strive for "respectability", she obviously took pride in sticking two fingers up to convention and was probably going to pogo with pride 'til she croaked.

I always love going to festies like this one as young & old and black & white all get together and enjoy what's on display, while contributing in their own small way to make the day special. Here's a young rasta kid having a go on one of the generator bikes while his dad looks on (pity the scan didn't quite come out so well).

Here's Marcia (pronounced "Mar-chi-a") from
Italy. I saw her going around taking pics with her v.professional camera (definitely not a "point and press merchant" like yours truly!) earlier, while she saw me giving some reflexology to the two hair braiders earlier. She introduced me to a couple
that she vaguely knew. Here she is, showing the
lady in the hat & sunglasses below how to
load film into her camera.

Here's a pic of me as taken by the boyfriend of the lady wearing the hat & sunglasses in the previous pic. Everyone always seems to say how serious I look in photos ("You could have put a pic of yourself smiling at the front of your page, Lawrence!" said a lady who I work with at South library named Omi to me recently), but that's just my natural expression. I'm not a misery guts, y'know - honest!

Who's the mysterious geezer hiding behind
his fingers? Why, it's the bloke that took the
pic of me. A bit of a ladies man, but there's no
shame in that, is there?


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