'Sacredelic Elevation'

I have to give thanks to Cormac (hello again!) for telling me about this event that took place in an old, abandoned church somewhere in Swiss Cottage (on the second Bank Holiday weekend in May), that was put on by the 'Liquid Spiral' collective. Finding the place after a long, hard journey, I couldn't help but feel that it reminded me of the Rainbow Centre in Kentish Town (before the local pissheads and other undesirables in the area dragged it down from what it could have been or achieved).
        Walking around inside the building, I took in the church's surroundings, making myself familiar with its interior and getting the first pic below of the Earth surrounded by bushes, and some Hindu postcards on what seem to look like a side altar.

This next pic was taken as the performances got underway and features a bloke singing mournful songs of failed relationships. It's not come out too badly, if I say so myself.

Here's a bloke I came across admiring his labours, having spent most of the day (as well as a sizeable part of the evening) sorting out, and decorating the room you see below with tinfoil and other things available to hand.

Taking this next pic nearly cost me my camera. Not looking behind me as I lined up the shot of the psychedelic altar, I stepped into a pothole and dropped the camera onto the hard concrete floor as I tried to steady myself. Luckily for me, the camera's battery had only come dislodged, and apart from a minor scratch at the side, it seemed to work as perfectly as before.

Chilling out in a hammock (it's still early, dear!).

Here's some members of a local capoeira dance crew getting ready to show a few moves. Capoeira, I'm told, is a mixture of dance and martial arts pioneered in Brazil by slaves from Africa 200-300 years ago. Those who practiced it were actively pursued and persecuted by the authorities, which explains why it's still seen as an underground art  by those who perform it and jealously protected.   

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