Stonehenge 2004
Summer Solstice

Having had a lovely time at Stonehenge the previous year,
 I set off for more of the same in 2004. I got this first pic while
on the train towards Salisbury (hairdressing on the move!).

Bus taking everyone to the stones from Salisbury. Once on the bus, various bods on the bottom deck with guitars played Oasis and The Verve to ward off boredom on the journey.

 Once the bus stopped, we all had to go
through a police cordon before heading
off on a long(ish) walk to the stones....

 ....and here's a sign that greeted us. 

 Buddhist statue brought onto the site.

Probably the coolest druid in the world?

Crowds milling about around the entrance.

Having finally gotten through the entrance,
I went up to the stones. These are a few
of the first ones I took of them.





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