Autonomous Art 2
(May 26th '02)

Three months from the previous one that I went to, I found myself at another T.A.A. event, organised by the Random Artists collective, and held somewhere off Liverpool Street in a vast and vacant office building. As before, I asked a couple of cops for directions to the place (not telling them where I was going to, of course, as Sir John Stephens' finest have a tendency to truncheon first when they raid buildings where "alternative" events are held, and ask questions later) and on finding it I had my usual look around before pulling out the Zenit from my bag.  
        A guy from Northern Ireland came up to me and commented on how sturdy and near-indestructable my make of camera was, as a friend of his dropped an old 'E' he'd gotten from a car-boot sale into a canal. Despite the film that was in the camera being ruined, the camera itself when dried out, worked as perfectly as it had done before. Just goes to show that a good camera doesn't have to be crammed with fancyness to take decent photos, like the first one you see below I took that features a painting of peasants during an old revolution in South America.

I got the two pics you see in a room screening the sort of film that gets shown at events like these (ie the sort that credits the viewer with the intelligence to make up their own mind on what they see there). The first pic captures a quote from Sigmund Freud, the second plays on religious symbolism. 

Going upstairs, I found myself in a vast space with loads of art on display. I don't know what the film is being projected onto the card below, but on the right of the pic, you can just see a figure intricately constructed from numerous strands of wire. 

Here's a selection of pics that seemed to be on that gothy tip, which were taken in the Abney Park Cemetery, over in Stoke Newington (a favourite gay cruising spot, I was told, as he whipped out his 'A-Z of London' to show me, of the bloke whom I bought 'Red Nev' - my '64 Moulton bike - from some years ago. That's his choice, I guess) by a lady photographer. Here's her snaps....

....and the lady herself, looking well pleased. 

Alongside the gothy photographer lady's exhibition there was a strange film being projected on a wall. The pic you see would have come out a little better, but as seems to happen now and then, the "curse of the Zenit-E" seems to have struck again. 


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