Hackney Volcano '01

Having been to the inaugural Volcano Fest,held on Hackney Marshes last year, I carried on with my
embarrassing habit of getting lost finding the
place (this was due to me following two blokes on
mountain bikes and going round in circles as a result).
        Having finally reached the 'Marshes, I found myself with the tricky situation of finding a space to
lock up 'Red Nev' (my '64 Moulton) nearby (the festival organiser had kindly laid out a bike parking lot, but had severely underestimated the demand there'd be for parking space).
        "I don't envy you," said a steward to me nearby as he and colleague watched as I shoehorned my bike into a tiny spot that I'd engineered by moving somebody's bike previously chained up a little out of the way. "I'm not at all surprised," was my reply to him as I went off to take in the sights, but not before I got a snap of a cycledome erected alongside the bike parking lot.  

Here's a snap of one of the numerous stalls that
were to be found on the 'Marshes, and it features
some ornate (but v.pricey!) jewellery.

This next pic was taken within the 'Squall' tent (which resembled a biosphere). I quite liked the
hand-painted canvas hanging in the centre of
the structure (must've taken time to do).

As I was walking along, a bloke cunningly disguised as a tree (with two kids holding what looked like bushes) came past. I whipped out the compact Olympus, lined up the shot as best I could
and got what you see below.

Here's a bloke I saw taking a break from being daring and stuff on the trapeze (I'm none too
hot when it comes to doing action photos -
I tend to hesitate too often for my liking),
snapped by me at a rare moment of rest.

This pic was taken at what was the punk
revival stage. I saw a lady I know named Sarah
(hello if you're reading this!) moshing away
down at the front and got my snap of some
more punk vetz going at it below. 


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