Yet more moshing in the evening sun.

I took this next pic outside the trance tent, having
earlier stumbled across a lady who'd passed out, and was lying on her side. I beckoned towards a steward to call for some medical help and covered her with the shawl I had in my bag, but it seemed that she was okay (she must have been, as she
had a habit of feeling my legs up and telling me
how firm and muscled they were! "So would yours be, if you had to cycle as far as I do every morning," was my reply to her as she touched them up yet
again). It seemed that some of her friends were
in the tent, and she took hold of my hand,
dragging me along to meet up with them inside.

Here's the first pic I took inside the trance tent,
and it features a glamourous raver doing a move
or two before me (I do love the watch you're
wearing dear, v.'Tomorrow People', I must say).

Here she is again, feeling the music

A view of the dancefloor crowd, taken
while perched amongst the speakers.

Friendly raver gives the peace
sign on the dancefloor.


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