Here's Another overhead pic I got Standing where I was on the 'heath.

To my left, I spotted a group of friends laughing and chatting amongst themselves as the sky got ever darker. One of them sat of the shoulders of another friend to get a better view of the sky, as you'll probably notice.


Here's a pic i got of London's skyline. I should have turned the camera to the left,
so you'd get a glance of the dome, but one lovely rubbernecker was in my way, and he didn't seem to be the type that you stepped to and asked to move his head. that said, you get an idea of how dark down London way the sky around 11a.m. on the big day.




It was while I pondering what I should take a pic of next, that something should appear right in front of me. "Oh, look!" exclaimed a lady behind me. "It's a druid!" pointing to a mysterious individual wearing a white hooded cape, holding a crystal ball in one hand and a "wick on a stick" torch in the other. "Oh no he's not," replied a long-haired bloke standing beside me who obviously  wasn't awed by what he saw. "He's a twat!" You make your own judgement and peek below. 


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